The "Miracle Loan"

Now we aren't lenders, but as Realtors, when we come across a game changing product, we consider it our duty to understand it and present it as an option to our clients. Well, we found one. We call it "The Miracle Loan." Here are the basics:

  • No Down Payment
  • No Closing Costs
  • No Mortgage Insurance (PMI) 
  • No Credit Needed (approval based on individual circumstances)
  • Below Market Interest Rate

Sound too good to be true? It did to us when we first heard about it too.  Their are restrictions and caveats. If you would like to learn more, fill out the form below to set up a time to discuss. This is something that most Realtors and Lenders do not know about.

Mike Bodeen or Jonathan Bodeen will confirm via email or text if your selected time works.  We can also answer quick questions via text, email, or call!

  • Mike: 602.689. 3100
  • Jonathan: 602. 341. 9490


Highly likely to recommend

“We knew in the first 10 minutes that Mike was the person that was going to help us fulfill our needs. We were looking for a Condo for a family member with limited purchasing knowledge, but quite a few constraints. We contacted by met Mike via Zillow on a Friday night, and met him early the next morning. He immediately informed us on significant purchasing differences between Condos and Houses. He took us to 4 properties that day without advance notice, each viewing demonstrating more of his expertise. He knew our location pool, and he helped us quickly zero in on the Condo that met all of our needs. He assisted us with HOA research, and negotiating with the Seller and their Agent over the course of 2 weeks. We are very happy with the price, the warranty, his business relationship with qualified inspector, his capability to have the seller fix multiple items from the inspection, scheduling the closing date that met our tight timeline, and he made it all happen on time. Mike thought of things we never would have, and kept in close contact daily (and when necessary, multiple times per day).”

"...kept in close contact daily ..."

Highly likely to recommend

“Hire Mike Bodeen if and only if you want a realtor who will, in fact, not just in theory, put your interests above his. Mike Bodeen did everything except hog tie me one night to keep me from putting an offer in on a house that he knew did not meet our needs. I was in a panic because we had already sold the house we were living in, and the deal for the house we had thought we had bought had fallen through because of a disastrous inspection. Mike was polite and professional, but he was also determined not to let his client make such an awful mistake. We ended up moving twice, not perfect, perhaps, but far, far better than getting into a house that would have been for us a disaster. "I put my clients first". Easy enough to say. Hard to do, especially when a commission check of several thousand dollars is sitting right in front of you. Mike Bodeen doesn't just talk the talk. He walks the walk.”

"Mike Bodeen doesn't just talk the talk. He walks the walk."

Highly likely to recommend

“Mike is a consummate professional. He helped us get our home ready to sell, did an outstanding job with the listing, and skillfully navigated through the negotiation and contracting process. Our home sold in less than three days above the price we were expecting. He also helped us find and purchase a great new home that met all of our needs. It was a great experience overall. I highly recommend enlisting Mike’s services for your real estate needs!”

"Mike is a consummate professional."