A little about me

and why I love real estate

I had never really considering following my dad's footsteps into Real Estate, and so I see it as a bit ironic that my first foray into the industry was quite by accident, even though, in a larger sense, I now don't think it was an accident at all.

In 2008 I had fallen in love with an uncommonly pretty girl from Idaho and chased her to her hometown of Boise with the hopes of marrying her.  Well, they say it's important to have a job before embarking on the commitment of marriage and it just so happened that the man who rented me a room on craigslist, also happened to be a Top Producing Real Estate Agent that needed an assistant. (Shout out to Sean Taylor, still the best Realtor in Idaho and he will absolutely rock your socks off!)

It wasn't too long after that I became licensed and started trying to chase my own business.  It was rough going.  Turns out folks aren't super eager to work with a 22 year old agent driving a beater car.  But it was there that I learned the importance and meaning of fiduciary, and what it means to put your client first.  Also, that you mus earn your client's business.

After a brief back-to-school stint to try and finish my bachelor's degree in biblical studies, my dad, the legendary Mike Bodeen invited me to work with him back in AZ.

So the Mrs. and I have been living back in the land of the sun where I've been working with my dad helping to build the family business since 2013. We have two wonderful little girls now and lots of hopes and dreams for us and for them. Real Estate can be tough, when it's been a little too long since your last sale and bills are due, or when a lender or title company is botching a deal and you have to sew it back together.  But I'm so lucky and blessed to have a job where I can work largely from home and watch my little girls grow up.

Too boot, I've discovered the great joy of working hard for your client's best interests and surprising them with excellence. I derive a great deal of personal satisfaction from being instrumental in my clients success. 

I am quick to return phone calls, texts, and emails. I always strive to give my clients all the options possible and the pros and cons of any situation. Ultimately, my quest is to make Real Estate easy for you!

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My Clients are Awesome!

and here is what they are saying

Highly likely to recommend

“We knew in the first 10 minutes that Mike was the person that was going to help us fulfill our needs. We were looking for a Condo for a family member with limited purchasing knowledge, but quite a few constraints. We contacted by met Mike via Zillow on a Friday night, and met him early the next morning. He immediately informed us on significant purchasing differences between Condos and Houses. He took us to 4 properties that day without advance notice, each viewing demonstrating more of his expertise. He knew our location pool, and he helped us quickly zero in on the Condo that met all of our needs. He assisted us with HOA research, and negotiating with the Seller and their Agent over the course of 2 weeks. We are very happy with the price, the warranty, his business relationship with qualified inspector, his capability to have the seller fix multiple items from the inspection, scheduling the closing date that met our tight timeline, and he made it all happen on time. Mike thought of things we never would have, and kept in close contact daily (and when necessary, multiple times per day).”

"...kept in close contact daily ..."

Highly likely to recommend

“Hire Mike Bodeen if and only if you want a realtor who will, in fact, not just in theory, put your interests above his. Mike Bodeen did everything except hog tie me one night to keep me from putting an offer in on a house that he knew did not meet our needs. I was in a panic because we had already sold the house we were living in, and the deal for the house we had thought we had bought had fallen through because of a disastrous inspection. Mike was polite and professional, but he was also determined not to let his client make such an awful mistake. We ended up moving twice, not perfect, perhaps, but far, far better than getting into a house that would have been for us a disaster. "I put my clients first". Easy enough to say. Hard to do, especially when a commission check of several thousand dollars is sitting right in front of you. Mike Bodeen doesn't just talk the talk. He walks the walk.”

"Mike Bodeen doesn't just talk the talk. He walks the walk."

Highly likely to recommend

“Mike is a consummate professional. He helped us get our home ready to sell, did an outstanding job with the listing, and skillfully navigated through the negotiation and contracting process. Our home sold in less than three days above the price we were expecting. He also helped us find and purchase a great new home that met all of our needs. It was a great experience overall. I highly recommend enlisting Mike’s services for your real estate needs!”

"Mike is a consummate professional."

Highly likely to recommend

“I sold my house at a better price than I thought I would. Mike Bodeen walked me through the entire process, explaining the steps and answering every question that I had. I had limited funds, and he understood that, so his recommendations for improvements to make before putting the house on the market were low cost solutions or DIY. I hired a housecleaning and carpet cleaning service, a handyman for drywall and smaller repairs, and a painting service for the interior. I got a full price offer about two weeks after putting the house on the market! I have a lot of confidence in Mike Bodeen and will definitely hire him again. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs a real estate agent who is honest, understanding, and knowledgeable. Thank you, Mike, for going above and beyond my expectations!”

"Mike Bodeen walked me through the entire process"

Highly likely to recommend

“This man right here folks... is a genius. He brought his A-game from start to finish getting us exactly what we wanted for far less than we expected to pay. A master negotiator with intimate knowledge of the art of dealing through these complicated transactions. He worked with our lender and owned the process from a to z”

"A master negotiator..."

Highly likely to recommend

“Jonathon was fabulous to work with. He offered advice at the right times, and knew when to hold back and give us space to not overwhelm. He was extremely knowledgeable, and helpful especially in regards to the inspection process. I would recommend him hands down to anyone needing a realtor!”

"He was extremely knowledgeable, and helpful especially in regards to the inspection process."

Highly likely to recommend

“Jonathan went out of his way to make me feel as though I was his only client. Anytime I had a question or concern Jonathan responded immediately and put my fears to rest.”

"Jonathan went out of his way..."

Highly likely to recommend

“I had a great experience with Jonathan as my realtor. He is very knowledgeable, upfront and easy to talk to. He really works hard to make sure all your needs are met. He didn't disappear when my offer was accepted; he was there every step of the way contacting the people I needed and he made the buying experience, which can be overwhelming for a first time buyer, seem very easy. I would recommend Jonathan to anyone!”

"He is very knowledgeable, upfront and easy to talk to."

Highly likely to recommend

“Jonathon helped us sell our home and buy a new one. He did a fabulous job. He was knowledgeable, very responsive and I always felt he had our interests as his highest priority. We were selling a home where I had lived for 35 years and emotions ran high at times. Jonathon was always calm, understanding, professional and got us back on track. We ended up seeing a large amount of homes before my husband and I agreed upon one. Jonathon had great patience. I highly recommend him as a professional with high integrity.”

"Jonathon was always calm, understanding, professional..."