Maricopa County Rises to #1 in 2022 Population Growth

Once again, Maricopa County is #1 in net population growth in the nation, adding 57,000 (figures rounded) residents in 2022, per figures recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau. This is a 1.3% population increase over 2021. Domestic net migration (births, death, migration) was the component of this change.

And just as it’s no surprise that Maricopa County out-gained the rest of the counties in the country, Los Angeles County lost the most – 91,000. On top of last year’s loss of population, LA County has now lost 271,000 in just two years.

Other national losers of population were Cook County, Illinois, which came in 3rd place, losing 68,000, Queen’s County, NY, losing 50,000 (4th place) and King’s County NY, decreased by 47,000. Three of top ten that lost population were in California, and 3 in New York. All of the top ten county’s highest growth were mostly in Texas and Florida.

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