Attention Relocation Buyers: There’s a Best Way to Find the Right Home and Neighborhood to Live in!

The residential real estate market in the Phoenix area is looking a lot like it did in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. In those days, many buyers were relocating to the valley from out of state. They often used a relocation company which were initiated from work related transfers or new job opportunities. The only thing a buyer had to worry about was finding the right home and neighborhood.

The only thing? As if that’s secondary to all the other stresses related to their move? Let’s think again.

I know first-hand (from numerous occasions) how stressful moving is. I’m in the business, but I dislike, no, I REALLY dislike moving. But it’s what we put up with to accomplish the future goal of a new home. And often, finding the new home is, dare I say “fun,” experience? Yes, at least most of my clients think so. But that’s not the crux of today’s blog.

Much has changed in 20 years of how buyers find their homes. Today of course, the internet has become the buyer’s chosen pathway of finding a home and neighborhood to buy into. Online sites like Zillow and plus school related sites such as can be terrific helps. Online reviews, if you can trust them can be very helpful as well.

But how do out of area buyers find out where they want to live? I mean, the Valley is HUGE. There’re literally thousands of communities in the Phoenix area. Where does one begin? It’s a great question. There’s a best way to know this, and I’ll just say it up front, though many fellow Realtors don’t want you to know this. If you’re moving here (or anywhere for that matter) and don’t have much time to do up-front due diligence on neighborhoods, the straight forward anti-real estate answer is: Rent. Rent short term, learn the areas, learn the neighborhoods, and work with one excellent real estate professional who is willing to show you anywhere you want to look in the Valley without a time constraint. Of course, knowing how to find one excellent real estate professional is worthy of its own blog.

The benefits of having time to do that are obvious. The downside is no small thing either, it means two moves. And many of you are like me, you hate moving to begin with. It’s a choice.

“…the straight forward anti-real estate answer is: Rent.”

So, if you’re to make just one move, and don’t have a lot of time to research, the Realtor will be key. We don’t profess to know every community; no agent can. Most agents have their favorite areas they like to work in, but that may not be the best place for the buyer to live. If a buyer is coming to the Valley blind, so to speak, they should work with a Realtor willing to show them many neighborhoods within all their parameters.